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What is Social Media Marketing and how it can actually work for your business and branding?

Social Media Marketing is a form of digital marketing technique discovered around 2006. Initially, it involved the work of creating and sharing content on popular social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. In today's context, Social Media Marketing has evolved into a more complex topic which requires not only visual branding but scientific understanding of analytics and algorithm from various social media networks. As most Social Media ads are now paid, having a strong media alliance and network is important to ensure brand message gets carried across to the right demographics and reach. If you think you need to do an audit report on your current Facebook page, you can find it here.

Why look for a social media marketing agency instead of doing it on your own?

Over the last 5 years, there are increasing enquires from local brands to outsource these works to social media marketing agencies in Singapore. The market rate to service a brand's Facebook page is between $1,500 to $3,000 monthly. Many brands are recognising the return of investment (ROI) makes it worthwhile to engage professional services. We have compiled some tips on social media marketing techniques that work in Singapore.

It's more affordable than hiring your own.
It's more effective for a team that dedicate their time on social media than you.
Against the cost of investment, this marketing improves your business over a short period of time.

Like extra toppings, we make your brand look beautiful.

Our team consists of expertise in brand & marketing strategy, content creation, visual and rich media creation. These varied skills allow your brand to visually come alive in social media space. With a dedicated team to manage your creatives and brand content, you can focus on your marketing works for your products and services more efficiently.

#2 - ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ - Your brand will always stay relevant and trending with us.

Social Media is not just about putting up posts anymore. It is about being there with your audience during their micro-moments, at real time. But this is not coincidental, our team is always on social media, monitoring & analysing latest trends so that your brand can immediately stay related to the market.

Wang Chao Chicken Essence

The S-Hook Lady - A fun post that was executed within 3 hours of the "S Hook Lady" hype hitting the social media.

Domino Pizza

Star Wars Fun and Craze - Social and product relevance


Star Wars Fun and Craze - Social and product relevance


Solar Eclipse - Social and product relevance

We work with our media distribution network to get high viral results

We growth hack your Facebook page with our unique network of media collaborators. This has helped brand achieve amazing viral effects with relevant scoring and more efficient ad cost. Everyone may know Content is the King but do you know its Queen, Content Distribution? It is the reason why content reaches high relevancy scores in algorithm which allows more audience to see your post, resulting in viral.

What can we do for your brand with Social Media Marketing?

We have helped many brands achieve success in their campaigns. Over the years, we have developed our methodology to listen, monitor, aggregate, curate, publish and analysis on multiple social channels. Our works involve

Social Media Strategy
Analysis on business needs and audience personifying firstly. Recommending our tactics and placing milestones for further reviews in future.
Content Marketing
Editorial Management and creation of unique and trending contents for high engagement.
Collaborative Branding
At OCG, we worked around all our brands to collective bring synergy and advantage to marketing collaborations.
Media Distribution
Editorial Management and creation of unique and trending contents for high engagement.
Brand Guardian & Customer Service
We talk to your advocates and make sure all their queries are duly managed.
Social Media Report
Besides the numbers, we come up with a story to even better your growing performance.

How does your brand measure up in social media marketing in Singapore?

Your investment on us is always on our mind. We make your dollar count by giving you a clearer picture of what your brand means to your fans. Understanding target audience persona is important as getting the sale largely depends on whether you understand your fans' needs. If you are looking for someone to audit your current Facebook page, we are providing this service for free at the moment.

There are many but what tactics actually works for your brand? Everyone differs.
Brand association starts with visual appeal. Does your brand look the part?
What are your engagement rates and how are you measuring up to competitors?
Do you draw key metrics to measure your tangible and intangible on social media space?
Who are your actual audience and interacting with you? How do you find more of them?

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