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A project producer is like a pair of crosstrainer sneakers

Project managers have became a jack-of-all-trade producer. At such, the role of a project producer in OCG is crossfunctional as scope of projects never cease to amaze us. In our new agency model, our project producer is a project manager, production manager, technical advisor, pseudo creative and customer service all in one.

It's true the responsibilities of schedule, budget and the success of the project solely lies in a project producer’s hand and his team. This exact pressure makes it important that a project producer is not only proficient in agency’s knowledge, but also a humble and confident individual who can bring the best out of a situation.

Who are suitable as a Project Producer

  • ● Graphic Designers
  • ● Project Manager
  • ● Developer

Key Skills needed as a Project Producer

  • ● People's Skills
  • ● Agency knowledge in Digital, Offline and Event
  • ● Humble & patience

What a Project Producer does?

Project producer typically takes about 5-6 running projects at a go with various team. He/she anticipate issues ahead of time, planning work flows, wireframes and talking to different expertise (i.e designers, developers, mobile, production) to understand possible situations. Project producer may deal with projects involving search engine optimization, search engine marketing, web design, mobile application, customised application, prints, events etc. It is important that project producer understand how 360 marketing works.

A project producer is extremely logical and has top communication skills, used for both clients and internal team alike. He/she is a problem solver and is always thinking and providing solutions for the team. A project producer in OCG is a self-motivator.

OCG is one of the leading social media marketing company in Singapore, creating exciting digital content for many FMCG, Shopping malls and industry brands. We are now looking for Social Media Producers and is opening invitation for submission of job application.

Do you have what it takes?

Education Requirements

Our industry never dependent on paper qualification.

Job Skills

Communication Skill - Both conversation & comprehension. Understanding the crux of our customers’ need is critical in being a good project producer.

Analytical Skills - Must know analytical tools like Google Analytics, Search Tool, Google Adwords

Presentation Skills - Ability to develop presentation kit to clients

Design Skills - Eye for trending design & artwork. Like we said, a pseudo creative manager.

Technical Skills - Ability to understand and develop work flow, wireframes and functional specification.

Other relevant abilities

Software Skill - Analytical tools, Adobe suite, Azure, Excel, Keynote

Mean Salary

$36,000 - $55,000