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A designer knows no creative boundaries

The role of a creative designer is demanding in today’s creative world. With the spectrum of digital marketing expanding rapidly, so are the skill sets required of a true designer. From photography, animation, 3D, GIF, responsive framework, UI/ UX and digital imaging, the implementation of creatives know no boundaries.

To sum it up, amidst your one strong capability (be it animation, illustration or photoshop), a creative designer should be multi-disciplined in your knowledge for design. Most importantly, you need to have the eye, confidence and most importantly, humility to bring out the best of the your design abilities.

Who are suitable as a creative designer

  • ● Graphic Designers
  • ● Motion Info Graphic Artists
  • ● illustrators

Key Skills needed as a Creative Designer

  • ● Extremely strong in Photoshop
  • ● Illustration abilities
  • ● Humble & patience

What a Creative Designer does?

As a creative producing agency, we challenge ourselves with creative ideas that we may not have the ability to produce in an instant. The creative designer is the mastermind to decide with the team what is the best way to produce such creative challenges. Creative designer might create or work with our wide network of talented freelancers, depending on the complexity of the execution.

From pitches, implementation to actual execution, a creative designer needs to understand not just design but who they are designing for. A creative designer maybe required to work together with clients at times.

OCG is one of the leading social media marketing company in Singapore, creating exciting digital content for many FMCG, Shopping malls and industry brands. We are now looking for Social Media Producers and is opening invitation for submission of job application.

Do you have what it takes?

Education Requirements

Our industry never dependent on paper qualification.

Job Skills

Communication Skill - Both conversation & comprehension. Understanding the crux of our customers’ need is critical in being a good social media producer and eventually digital manager.

Design Skill - Always looking for trending design & artwork. Loves challenges on artwork execution.

Animation Skills - Motion info graphic or animation abilities is a real plus point.

Other relevant abilities

Software Skill - Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Axure

Mean Salary

$36,000 - $55,000

Please note: Interviewee may be required to do a design test if chosen.